wedding day questionnaire

This wedding day questionnaire is something that I send every bride about 2 months before their wedding day! This was created over years of me going back and forth with my brides asking them 100 different questions..until I decided to create this questionnaire to cover it all!  

This guide not only keeps me incredibly organized with 30 detailed questions, but it also preps them to do certain things that they may not have thought of before! Such as question #5: Will you have a special hanger to hold your dress? I can’t tell you how many times that one question encouraged my brides to chunk their plastic hanger and get a personalized wooden hanger for me to photograph! Or question #7:Do you want cute pictures with you and bridesmaids in your robes? (champagne glasses, confetti canons, etc) This question has sparked a lot of ideas for them to make this “normal robes picture”, into one of their favorite moments of the day because they included fun confetti canons or personalized champagne flutes!!

What's Included:

30 Detailed Questions to Prep Bride and Photographer for the Wedding Day

How To Guide for swapping my images/text with yours

Video link showing how to swap images/text with your own



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