the signature preset

The Signature Preset creates beautiful, light and airy images that your clients will love! I created this preset because I am busy mom of four kiddos, that desperately needed a simple, yet gorgeous preset to apply to ALL of my images! 

I didn't want (or need) 6 presets, 10 enhancements, and 20 brushes to make my images look great. I wanted ONE. One preset that did it all! 

I created this preset that you should only need to use the basic panel in most situations! By only using the basic panel to make adjustments, it saves not only my time, but my sanity!! 

The best part of this preset? There is only one. You won't have to make 5 decisions, or go back and forth trying to decide which enhancement looks best.. Its ONE choice that you tweak to perfection! 

This preset gives you a light and airy image, with deep dimension, bright whites, gorgeous film-like greens, and creamy skin tones! 

Saves you time, saves your sanity, and gives you amazing results!


ONE magical preset for every lighting situation

Cut hours of editing time by only using the basic panel

Gain trust from your clients by having editing consistency throughout ALL of your images



The Signature Preset

A How To guide for installation

10 minute video showing you the magic behind the preset

An invitation to join the Facebook group to ask questions, get support, and share your successes, victories, and before/after images! 

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