Investment guide template

I’ve spent the last 3 years creating, tweaking, and perfecting a simple, yet high end pricing guide because its the very first greeting your new client will receive from you! They have looked at your website, stalked you on social media, and now they are reaching out to make sure you are a great fit for their wedding day dream team! I 100% believe that this pricing guide serves my brides in a way that they already feel like they are receiving a luxury experience! So, if you are ready for your brides to be impressed by you before they even meet you, take what took me YEARS to create and download it to your computer within seconds!! 



6 Pages of beautiful and easy-to-read information for your brides

How To Guide for swapping my images/text with yours

Video link showing how to swap images/text with your own

1. Title Page: Wowing your client with your best image and logo
2. Welcome Page: introducing your client to your investment guide
3. Introduction Page: telling the client more about you
4. Investment Page: breaking down your packages into easy to read columns
5. How to Book Page: explaining exactly what they need to do to book your service
6. Connection Page: Directing them to your website, email, and social media



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