engagement session guide template

Do you ever wonder why my brides are showing up in beautiful long flow dresses, wearing the most beautiful light, pastel colors and my grooms looking dapper with their bow ties and sports jackets, but for some reason, yours come to their sessions in jeans and t-shirts? It’s not because my couples are just super fancy models… its because I teach them what looks great on camera! I teach them what to wear, what colors to choose, what looks best, and what NOT to wear! I give them the DO’s and DONT’s of style… and guess what! They listen! And they look AMAZING which makes ME look amazing!! THIS. GUIDE. IS. A. MUST. It’s a ways to SERVE your couple by helping them take the guess work out of what to wear, and its a way to ALWAYS have your clients showing up looking straight out of a magazine! 


6 pages of easy to read information for your clients

How To Guide for swapping my images/text with yours

Video link showing how to swap images/text with your own



1. Choosing Date and Time
2. Selecting the Right Location
3. Say Yes to the Dress
4. Choosing Colors
5. Favorite Shops (links)
6. How to Prep Your Man
7. What to Wear for Him
8. The Do’s and Don’ts for your engagement session


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