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Email templates have been the number one thing to save me SO much time throughout the years! I have been adding to these templates since the day I started and have accumulated 25 for you to leave on your desktop and just copy and paste to your clients! This will allow you to spend time doing what you love instead of living in your inbox!!

I have received so many compliments about my quick responses because the millennial bride wants answers NOW.. she doesn't want to wait for you to construct the perfect email or wait days or even hours to get a response! I have booked brides solely on the fact that I responded quickly! How did I do this? Because it takes seconds to copy and paste the email template, change a few words, and then press SEND! These email templates are GAME CHANGERS in the way you do business! These were created over 3 years of writing and perfecting… and you get those years of writing in your inbox TODAY. 


25 Customizable Email Templates

Bolded print where you need to change my info with yours

Bonus: Social Media Policy



1. Auto Responder for Inquiries
2. Wedding Inquiry

3. Follow Up with an Inquiry
4. Unavailable for Inquiry Date
5. Request for Photography Outside of My Offerings
6. Response When Two Clients are Inquiring for the Same Date
7. Once They Have Paid the Deposit and Signed the Contract
8. What Time to Plan the Ceremony Start Time Based on Light
9. Engagement Session Info
10. Bridal Session Info
11. The Wedding Day Guide
12. Just Checking In
13. Wedding Day Questionnaire
14. Bridal Details Reminder 
15. Happy Wedding Week
16. Asking for a Review
17. Thank You Follow Up and 24 Hour Sneak Peek
18. Delivery of Gallery
19. Sharing Images with Wedding Vendors
20. Checking in After Gallery Delivery
21. Asking For a Discount
22. Graciously Turning Down a Client
23. Sending Timeline For Approval 
24. Adding an Album
25. Sending Album Proof/Revisions
*BONUS: Social Media Policy/Print Release 

Bonus: Print Release


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