Bridal session guide template

Bridal Sessions are something that every bride wants, but they have no direction or clue on what to do, how to prepare, what time to start, or where to shoot them! Over the last 3 years I have spent countless hours talking back and forth with dozens of brides, teaching them the dos and donts, helping them make a checklist of items to bring, coaching them on exactly who to bring with them.. So as like with anything else… I decided to streamline this process and make a beautiful, high end guide, so they can refer back to this to answer any and all of their questions! This guide is another way to serve your brides that I guarantee no other photographers are doing right now! It’s another way for them to feel loved and taken care of throughout this stressful process! Take hours back in your life, and streamline this process by sending them all the information they need and answer their questions before they even ask!!:) 


6 pages of easy to read information for your clients

How To Guide for swapping my images/text with yours

Video link showing how to swap images/text with your own


Pages Include

1. Reason for a bridal session
2. Date and Time
3. Location
4. Location Options in the Area
5. Bridal Session To Do List
6. What to Pack 
7. After the Session Info


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